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There was an important decision made at the LRCA board meeting last night that we hope will help all our contestants.
We value all of you and the support you show to the LRCA and its contractors by attending their rodeos. In order to try and help everyone of you out in this year of COVID and especially all our members suffering devastation from Hurricane Laura the board voted unanimously to lower the rodeo count by 25% for the year of 2020 for timed event contestants. Now instead of 8 first approved rodeos to be eligible for the finals you only have to have 6 and be in the top 12. We hope this helps each of you and look forward to seeing you at the remaining rodeos and the finals.
If you have questions please reach out to your event directors or myself and we will try to get you some answers.
We continue to pray for each of you that have been affected by COVID and especially all of you in clean up and recovery efforts from the Hurricane! 
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